starter kit

Starter Kit

Discover Technology

Discover and experience FPGA based image processing in an industrial environment on your desk. The starter kit addresses everyone who is interested in the MicroTCA technology, offering an out of the box plug and play experience.

All you need for starting with image processing is inside the kit. It consists of a two slot MicroTCA chassis and a FPGA framegrabber board with GigE-Vision (PoE) and HDMI interfaces (in and out). For rapid development of your FPGA algorithms, use the graphical image processing toolchain “Visual Applets” by Basler. As an option, the system can be extended with an x86-based Intel CPU Board.

Key Features:

  • Two slot 19-inch industrial standard chassis
  • FPGA-based vision framegrabber board
  • x86-based processor board (optional)
  • GigE-Vision camera
  • Software and demo application


  • Technology beginners 
  • Algorithm development
  • Test and validation
  • Image Processing
  • Machine Learning